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Shock Top Beer Project/Hannibal

One of Five Finalist

Project "Shock Top" 


On the left is the design

I painted in acrykic paint for

the "Shock Top" beer juried competition in conjunction

with the Hannibal Arts Council,

the Downtown Hannibal Art

Fair presented by  Renaissance Hannibal. June 2014


On the right is a fiberglass cake I painted for the city of St. Louis' s 250 birthday. One of 250 cakes which have been placed all over the St. Louis region including Illinois, My design theme was St. Louis symbols-The Arch, the St. Louis statue in front of the Art Museum and looking over Art Hill, lions and zebras representing the zoo and St. Louis, Uinversity City, blue waves-symbols of all our rivers, baseballs-St. Louis' s great history, the woman fdrom the famous St. Louis' s 1904 World Fair, lily pads for the Missouri Botanical Garden, shoes -industry (St. Louis used to be the headquaters of many large shoe companies (Brown Shoe), Chess- St. Louis' s is a new center for Chess, Chess Hall of Fame, terra cotta design-symbol for the red brick buildings and terra cotta designs on buildings and its local industry of the past and "the spirit of St. Louis" airplane.



STL "Cakeway to the West"

Public Art/ RAC

Rigazzi's, 4945 Daggett Ave.,

on "The Hill" in St. Louis 63110

Feb- Dec 2014

computer illustration/Blooming Artists Project

"Blooming Artists" Project

To the right, a computer illustration of  my 2015 "Blooming Artists" artwork "When the Cows come Home". Below is  "Space" . Master artists were paired with students. Both works were done after looking at, being inspired by and talking to a student artists, 2015-fifth grader, 2014-eighth grade student. Both works were exhibited with others at the Clayton Fine Art Gallery , Clayton, MO. May- July 2015 & 2014.


"Blooming Artists" 2014

"When the Cows come Home"

Blooming Artists 2015

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